This web site contains an overview of my personal collection of memorabilia from the seminal 1964 Gerry Anderson TV show Stingray.

Why have I bothered? - because I feel that there is a true historical relevance to the pieces I've assembled here.

Sometimes seeing a toy or picture that you haven't seen since childhood can act as a catalyst, unlocking related memories that would otherwise remain dormant and inaccessible.

They are also period pieces. Many items have a charm and beauty that came from an age when toys were made to go with the TV shows, not the other way around. An era before hype, when a toy had to have an integrity of it's own. These TV programs and the related toys, comics and books captured the imagination of an entire generation of children.

In this way, collectors act as historians and custodians of a collective past that otherwise runs the risk of disappearing forever.


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